Thursday, March 12, 2009

Credible Vs. Non- Credible Sources

On my way searching for information about aviation I came across a couple of issues. The first one was how and where I would get information regarding aviation. The next issue that came up that my instructor brought to my attention was that "is the websites that provide you with information are they 'Credible' sources or 'Non-Credible' sources." Thus, bringing me to my next post.

Credible vs Non-Credible Sources


With the creation of this post I looked up the definition of credible and sources and I came out with this.

Credible is defined as "capable of being believed"

Source is defined as "any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained."

So putting these two definitions together I came out with my own definition of Credible Sources. My definition is believable websites that have structure and seniority such as websites that end with "edu,""gov,"and"org."

Non-Credible Sources:

Now on the other hand my instructor mentions Non-Credible Sources. I also look up the definition for non; credible and source we already know the definition of.

So the word non was defined like this, an adverb which is a synonym similar to no or not. So my personal definition of NON-CREDIBLE SOURCES are websites that are not believable and do not have structure or seniority such as websites that have a lot of advertisements and/ or end with "com."

So here are some examples of Credible Sources:

Now here are some examples of Non-Credible Sources:

I know you might be wondering for non credible sources why did I list two popular search engines. On one hand they can be quite useful on finding out information about aviation, but I dont know if the information is solid or false, because of the fact that none of the information lists an author. So thanks for reading my peace, so until next time be light, fly high, and ball right.


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  2. Wow, you articulate the credible versus non-credible argument perfectly. I appreciate how your reader through a step-by-step discussion of your research process. I know you're not done yet, but I wonder what it will look like when you add some visuals and a link.

  3. .Org sites are not necessarily credible anymore since pretty much anyone can lease one. In fact, will lease you a .Org domain name right now for $6.99 for a year and $14.19 for 10 years.